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Why Financial Literacy Matters?

Why Financial Literacy Matters?


in this episode of S A U N A I E podcast our host XO discusses "Why Financial Literacy Matters, & What Are IRAs?"

the intro of the episode we discuss how the Easter weekend was and how spending time with family is always needed no matter what journey you're on. Family keeps you grounded and brings memories & peace. Overall we had a great Easter weekend and we hope y'all did too.

After that XO elaborates on his quotes of the day, the 1st quote is about "how Touching the lives of others is one of the best things you can do in life." & the next quote talks about "Cutting People out of your life as well as People Cutting You out of their lives" 

We've all been Cut out of someone's life and felt like it wasn't necessary but we never observe why they cut us off not knowing it's a blessing in disguise and now for the MAIN EVENT.

1st Topic: Why Financial Literacy Matters

in this segment XO lays out some mind-blowing statistics about Financial Literacy like how majority of the American workforce are Millennials and how they have LOW financial literacy. Also how those with high Financial IQs are lacking fundamental financial concepts such as budgeting & saving. Tune in for more Financial Literacy Statistics & Facts.

2nd Topic: What Are IRAs?

in this segment XO discusses what IRA he's using and why he chose that IRA. There are multiple IRAs that we discovered in this segment and how they apply to us. XO uses a Roth IRA for many reasons and he elaborates on why he went this route. IRAs are needed for everyone especially since the Social Security Trust won't be around a decade from now. If you're wondering what IRA is And how it applies to you check out this segment.

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