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Jan. 23, 2023

Mentally Checked Out w/Maurice Allmond

S A U N A I E Presents The Maurice Allmond interview Q u o t e s: Don't Chase What's Not Meant to Be Caught, That's How you End Up lost. B i O: Our Guest is A Behavioral …

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Jan. 16, 2023

Sustaining a Career You Love w/ Nilik Griffin

S A U N A I E Presents The Peanut Interview in this episode our host XO interviews his guest Nilik Griffin who's had a 10 year career as a Barber. They cover topics from Career, Life, Business, Retirement to …

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Jan. 10, 2023

Don't Do These if....

S A U N A I E Presents Don't Do These if You Want To Be Rich Q U O T E S: In Prosperity our Friends Know Us, In Adversity We Know Our Friends 2nd: A Positive Attitude can …

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Jan. 6, 2023

Life Hacks to For a Successful 2023

S A U N A I E Presents 2023 Life Hacks Q U O T E S: Nothing Valuable Comes Fast. 2nd: A Strong, Positive Self-Image is the Best Possible Preparation for Success. S E G M E N T …

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Dec. 31, 2022

Regaining Your Focus W/ Jayson Allmond

S A U N A i E Presents Nursing Students & Mental Health Q u o t e: Remove the Distractions Holding You Back From Putting in The Time To Succeed. 2nd: We can Never Obtain Peace in the Outer …

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Dec. 30, 2022

Missed Signs of Depression

S A U N A I E Presents Missed Signs of Depression Q U O T E S: We can't always change what has happened to us, but we can change how we react & how we live in the …

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Dec. 26, 2022

2023 Skills To Learn For Your Development

S A U N A I E Presents Underated Skills Q u o t e s: Nothing is Particularly Hard if you Divide it into Small Jobs. 2nd: You're so Loved, Even When you Don't see it or Feel it. …

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Dec. 21, 2022

Money Do's & Don'ts

S A U N A I E Presents B u d g e t i n g Do's & Don'ts Q U O T E S: Faith is Believing that the Outcome will be what it should be, no matter …

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Dec. 16, 2022

2022 Life Lessons with XO

S A U N A I E Presents Life Lessons Q U O T E S: Forget The Pain, Remember The Lesson 2nd: Stay on the Course When Others Are Trying to Drag You Down, Fight For Yourself. Life Lessons …

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Dec. 12, 2022

Overcoming your Fears (10 minute Mondays)

S A U N A I E Presents Facing Your Fears Q U O T E S: No one can Take Away What's Meant to Be Yours. It May take longer than you want, but in the end, it will …

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Nov. 29, 2022

5 Reasons Why You're Waking Up Tired

S A U N A I E Presents Why You're Tired in The Mornings Q U O T E S: Every Week, Every Day, Every Hour, Every Moment is a chance for a fresh start. Sieze the opportunity & begin …

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Nov. 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

S A U N A I E Presents Relationship Check in Q U O T E S: it's better to be single with high standards then in a relationship settling for less. 2nd: While 1 person hesitates because he feels …

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Nov. 21, 2022

10 Tips for Relationships

S A U N A I E Presents Relationship Tips Q U O T E S: Mistakes are the Portals of Discovery 2nd: Digging Deep is the Only Way To Learn Who You Truly Are. S E G M E …

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Nov. 18, 2022

Checking in with Yourself

S A U N A I E Presents Checking in on Your People Q U O T E S: Deep Convos with the Right People are Priceless. 2nd: A Year From Now You May Wish You Had Started Today. S …

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Nov. 15, 2022

9 Tips To Help With Burnout

S E G M E N T S: 20 Signs of Burnout - B U R N O U T - 1. You Find Yourself Focusing on The Negative 2. You Push Away or Go into isolation 3. Your Every …

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Nov. 7, 2022

Pillars of Personal Development

S A U N A I E Presents 7 Pillars of Personal Development Q U O T E S: You will Never Change Your Life Until You Change Something You Do Daily. 2nd: Help Your People Grow & Perform at …

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Nov. 4, 2022

Kids & Money

S E G M E N T S: Teaching Kids about Money Between the Ages 4 & 7 - Teaching your kids how to count bills & coins. ( Monopoly, or playing store at home ) - Allowing them to …

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Oct. 31, 2022

Happy Halloween

S A U N A I E Presents Improving Your Personality Q u o t e s: Choose your Circle Carefully. Spend time with People who belong in your Future not those who should Stay in your Past 2nd: Success …

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Oct. 28, 2022

STOP Doing These Habits

S A U N A I E Presents Habits You Need To Give Up if you want to Be Productive Q U O T E S: What is More important to You: Your Peace or Proving a Point? 2nd: There …

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Oct. 24, 2022

7 Tips for Creating The Life You Want

S A U N A I E Presents Creating The Life You Want Q U O T E S: If You Don't Heal What You Hurt You, You'll Bleed All Over People Who Didn't Cut You. 2nd: Positive Thinking is …

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Oct. 17, 2022

7 Ways To Improve Your Concentration

S A U N A I E Presents Improving Your Concentration Q U O T E S: Stop Saying Tomorrow 2nd: What You Stay Focused on Will Grow S E G M E N T: Improving Your Concentration 1. Train …

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Oct. 14, 2022

F a s t F r i d a y

S A U N A i E Presents F i N A N C i A L F R I D A Y Q u o t e: We Have 2 Choices in Life. We can be Prisoners of Our …

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Oct. 11, 2022

Advice I wish I Knew Sooner

S A U N A I E Presents Advice I wish I knew Sooner Q U O T E S: When Your instant Reaction to Everything is No, it's Like You're Unleashing a Little Monster that Eats Up All of …

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Oct. 3, 2022

September Recap

SAUNAIE Presents Recap Stacktember & Plans for Stacktober Q U O T E S: Refuse to be defined by someone else's Vision of What's Possible. 2nd: Choose Consciously & Wisely You're only 1 Choice Away from Changing Your World. S …

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