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Welcome to S A U N A I E we're here to help you anyway we can. 

S A U N A I E officially released in July 2019 when the Creator & Host X O began realizing how he can use his platform to educate the masses about Mental Health & Financial Literacy. 

S A U N A I E has transformed from a podcast to platform producing episodes that range from Mental Health tips, facts, interviews to Financial Literacy Classes. 

Thank you for being apart of the journey and spending some time reading this. S A U N A I E isn't possible without you.

About the Host

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XO is the Host/Creator of S A U N A I E. He's been podcasting for 3 years, the reason why he created S A U N A I E was to have a platform to educate his peers & culture about different aspects of life like Mental Health, Financial Literacy, Meditation, Health & Entrepreneurship.