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What's The Price of Sacrifice?

What's The Price of Sacrifice?

Season 5 Episode 5: (00:00): XO starts off the show with his Quotes of the Day, one about Living A Life You're Excited about & the other is about Controlling Your Emotions he elaborates more on the quotes in the intro of the show.

Then the podcast starts off with the first topic of discussion What Stops Us From Succeeding (6:30): with this topic there's 4 major reasons why we don't Succeed and XO talks his experiences with not succeeding on his past goals and how to overcome the so-called failures of Success.

Topic #2 "3 Ways To Budget & Time" (13:00): Budgeting has always been a problem to majority of us, too many liabilities that catch our eye and we have the "Impulse Buy" but XO researched some ways to Budget your expenses, savings, & investments.

Topic #3 "The Significance of Sacrifice" (17:31): XO discusses what's the Significance of Sacrifices, sacrificing now for the long term dream or vision or goal. In the entrepreneur world we call it "Delayed Gratification" 

Then the show end's off with an Inspiring Quote about staying true to your purpose.

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