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What's Real-Self Care?

What's Real-Self Care?

S A U N A I E Presents Making Your Life Easier

Q U O T E S: Focus 90% of your time on Solutions & only 10% of your time on Problems.

2nd: Stop being Tormented by Everyone else's Perception of you.

S E G M E N T S: Making Your Life Easier & What Real Self-Care Looks Like

SEGMENT #1: Mental Health Tips

1. Stay Calm When Someone Raises Their Voice

2. Write down your Thoughts when You Feel Stressed or Anxious. 

3. Right Posture Can Boost Confidence 

4. Make People Feel Needed When You Ask For Help 

5. Look into Someone's Eyes when you get a disatisfactory answer

S E G M E N T #2: What Real Self-Care Looks Like

1. Improve Your Mental Diet

2. Learn to Let People Down

3. Set Clear Boundaries, & Protect Them. 

4. Create Replacements

5. Look Forward to Your Future, Not in the Rearview of Your Past

6. Upgrade Your Library 

7. Stop Self-Rejecting

O u t r o: Opportunities Are Like Sunrises. If you wait too Long, you'll Miss Them.

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