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What's New with S A U N A I E

What's New with S A U N A I E

S A U N A I E Presents What's New For Us

QUOTES: You Can Control Your Attitude. Set it Every Morning

2nd: If We Keep Doing What We're Doing, We're Going To Keep Getting What We're Getting.

SEGMENTS: What's New? & Plans for September

What's New: 

With me carrying the load of SAUNAIE I decided to outsource some of the work, so 1 thing that I did was hire an Assistant to help me with the day to day of SAUNAIE. When I took the time off I started analyzing what y'all needed & What I needed. I came to the realization that y'all needed more Mental Health tips & Guidance & more detailed information. I needed help so that I can utilize my time in the most effective way to help & serve more people, I've been working on an E-Book & next I'll be creating a Mental Health Course. I'm looking to oursource more of the work so that SAUNAIE can be running to where I See it. 

- Also working on doing Visual Episodes either on Youtube, Facebook or Riverside FM, I've been researching which one works best for all of us. 

- I have a few interviews lined up for y'all, I'm having Devin Dawson CEO of Innovative Credit 365 to help us with our Credit & we all know having Credit Card Debt plays a Huge Role in our Mental Health, so I'm having him come on to educate us on Credit Cards, debt, Business Credit, Debt Consolidation & A lot more.

- Another interview that I'll be doing is with Ms. Sierra Evans A Short Term Rental Entrepreneur, who started her journey in Real Estate doing Foreclosures then became a Property Manager & I bet you're asking yourself why does this interview do with Mental Health well when it comes to Real Estate it plays a role in our Mental Health whether it's becoming a 1st time Home Buyer, Foreclosures, Evictions, Understanding the Market, the list goes on & I figured she'd be the best to educate us on Real Estate & Building Generational Wealth. 

- I have a lot more guests being interviewed this season & we'll all be discussing the different sides of Mental Health. 

- Another big Change is we'll having detailed Episodes/interviews on Mondays & Fridays will consist of Guides & Tips on Mental Health. 

- We'll be implementing a lot of changes throughout the rest of the year like new Merch, Affiliate Links, Our FB Community, & More, I can't give away too much Sauce 

We'll still be back new week with a new impactful Episode, I appreciate y'all rocking with us & being supportive. Thank You for Everything

Outro: Success is Achieved by Developing Our Strengths, Not By Eliminating Our Weaknesses.

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