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What I Learned This Week

What I Learned This Week


in this episode of SAUNAiE our host XO talks about what he learned this week and a few of his Netflix Recommendations...

  • but first we kick off the show discussing 2 quotes of the day, the 1st quote discusses "Surrounding Yourself With Positive People and you'll be a Positive Person," be weary of the company you keep because they'll lift you up or bring you down. If you've been having negative energy or always get negative vibes around certain people then this may be the reason.
  • The Second Quote is about "Looking at your present lifestyle you're constructing is it looking like how you want your future to look." Whatever you want your future to look like you have to start planning and visualizing where you want to be in 5 years, once you know where you want to be start working towards that vision. 
  1. What I Learned This Week
  • "The Everything Store" by Brad Stone (The Birth of Amazon) This book is very insightful reading the 1st 4 chapters XO received a lot of Gems from these chapters and their centered around having Faith in your vision, faith in yourself, & faith in your future. No matter who judges you, or doubts your dream/vision stay persistent. Amazon first started with books as soon as they dominated that niche they moved into another niche and dominated that niche and expanded into other fields. These 4 chapters resonated with Us & Supported the Vision we have for S A U N A I E. 
  • "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel. This book details how different upbringings, cultures, life experiences & more shape how we think and feel about money. The 1st chapter titled "No One is Crazy" talks how we're anchored to a set of views How Money Works like What Makes Sense to Me, Might Not Make Sense To You. "A person who grew up in Poverty thinks about Risk & Reward in ways the Wealthy can't even fathom." This 1st chapter details a lot of information about how we operate with money. People's risk depends on their History with money. It also states how Americans spend more on Lottery tickets versus anything else. They're basically paying for a dream that the wealthy already live. 
  • Chapter 2 "Luck & Risk" in this chapter it talks about how Bill Gates was lucky to be able to attend his high school, the only high school during his time to have a computer. If his school didn't get a computer there wouldn't be a Microsoft. This chapter emphasizes about Luck & Risk how they're similar and how every outcome in life is guided by forces other than individual effort. Another key note that XO found was "We're All Trying To Figure Out What works when it comes to Money. What investment strategies Work, which ones don't. How do you get Rich, How Do You Avoid being Poor." This chapter opens your eyes about how Luck & Risk really work.

     2. Netflix Picks

  • Who Killed Sara? ( Mystery-Tv Show ) Bingeworthy!!!
  • Wentworth ( Crime TV Show )
  • WestCoast Customs ( 6 Seasons )
  • Money Explained ( Docu-series )
  • Monster ( Powerful Movie )
  • The Upshaws ( TV-Comedy )



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