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What Do You Know About Art?

What Do You Know About Art?

SEASON 5 Episode 10 in this episode XO interviews his friend Artrell about his journey as a Painter, Artist, Designer, Graphic Artist. The list goes on this episode is very insightful. This interview covers a lot of topics dealing with life, entrepreneurship, mental health, & more. 

The episode starts off with "Getting To Know Art" Segment: XO interviewing Artrell about how his 2020 was and how 2021 is treating him so far, he informs us about a recent Art Show he did which was a HUGE success and then Artrell reveals some of his plans for 2021 this answer transitions to the question of "Why Art?" and not Sports, Fashion, or Culinary Arts. 

Next question is about When he fell in love with Art & what was his childhood dream. Art goes in depth about the reason why he chose Art & his childhood dream which eventually evolved into what he's doing in his adult life.

As the interview goes on we discuss his childhood and the traumas he had to overcome and some he's still working with. 

XO also added a new segment to the podcast for his interviewees which is called "Fab 5" 

We hope y'all enjoy this episode and hope it's useful to you and yours.

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