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What Did You Learn This Month?

What Did You Learn This Month?

Season 5 Episode 6 

In this episode XO discusses two quotes of the day, one about Mindset aka The key to how we think is the key to how we live and the other quote is about loving yourself throughout the ups, downs, trails & tribulations, the failures, always love who you are. 

1st Topic: What I Learned in February - Investing in Stocks, Bonds, IRAs, & ETFs, then learning about Business Tax, Business Licenses, Business Credit, Investing in Ads & Promotion, as well as Different workouts to do and how eating clean is the bread and butter to obtaining your physical goals & ending this topic with the books that he read in February which are Zero to One & Psychocybernetics.

Zero to 1 is about start-up businesses, .Com Mania, how Paypal began, how Amazon took over, & other startup companies that failed and prevailed through the internet boom. Also gives great insight and tips for Entrepreneurs.

Psycho-Cybernetics discusses the human mind, our imagination, self-beliefs & the Success Mechanism that's all within us and that we're able to change them. XO elaborates on what he learned, the notes he took and how it's helping him.

2nd Topic: XO discusses Plans For March , his Personal Goals (reading & researching more), Financial Goals ( investing, saving & creating a new stream of income ), Physical Goals ( Gym daily, building Stamina, & more home-cooked meals )& Mental Goals ( Meditate 2x a day, Gratitude Journal, & Learning Spanish )

Then we end the show with a recap of the show and the end quote that will resonate with you all weekend. 

Thank You for reading. Have A Great Day & Weekend


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