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What Are Boundaries?

What Are Boundaries?

S A U N A I E Presents Men & Boundaries

Q U O T E S: It Will Work if You Forget All The Reasons it Will not. 

2nd: If One Good Thing Happens Amongst A Hundred Bad Things, Focus On The Good Thing.

SEGMENTS: W h a t A r e B o u n d a r i e s? & Setting Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are a form of Self-Preservation. You can set Physical, Mental, or Emotional Limits with the people in your life to Protect Yourself from Being Used, Abused, Violated, or Manipulated. When you set Boundaries, You Separate who you are, Your Feelings & Thoughts From Those of Others. 

H e a l t h y & U n h e a l t h y Boundaries

 Attributes of unhealthy boundaries include:

- Disregard for other peoples beliefs, opinions, and values if you disagree with them

- Having a hard time saying no or accepting it when others say no to you

- Taking responsibility for other people’s happiness or feelings

- Taking the responsibility to fix or save others

Setting Healthy Boundaries involves Respecting Other People’s Opinions, ideas, & Personal Space, being able to Say No & Accept being Told No, & being able to communicate your Needs & Wants Effectively.

B E N E F I T S of S E T T I N G Boundaries

1. They improve your Self-Esteem & Relationships.

2. Boundaries Allow You to be Vulnerable & Experience Growth.

3. Strong Boundaries can help to conserve emotional energy.

H o w T o S e t H e a l t h y Boundaries

1. Tune into Your Feelings

2. Be Direct

3. Be Self-Aware

4. Prioritize Self-Care

O u t r o: When You Love & Accet Yourself, When You Know Who Really Cares About You, & When You Learn From Your Mistakes, then You Stop Caring About What People Who Don't Know You Think.

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