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Signs You're Wasting Time

Signs You're Wasting Time


In this episode of SaunaiE Podcast XO starts off the episode with 2 quotes of the day, one talking about the history of Friendships and the quality of friendships, and the second quote discussing Delayed Gratification then XO jumps into the Topics of the Day.

1st Topic: Happy Chemicals & How to Stimulate Them

In this segment XO discusses the different Happiness Chemicals in our body from Endorphins, Oxytocins, To Dopamine and how to hack/stimulate. A few examples consist of Doing self-routines, Meditating, celebrating small wins, Sun Exposure, Exercising, Laughing & Playing with a dog. He elaborates more in this segment and how to utilize these chemicals to benefit you and your family.

2nd Topic: Time Wasters

In this segment XO talks about 12 of the Time Wasters, some are Trying to please Others, Doing Everything Alone, Not Living Your Life, Comparison, & Fear. So many more that he talked about, he related to, & how he overcame some of these time wasters. I know this will be key information to you and yours.

3rd Topic: How To Make Someone Feel Seen

 Have You Ever Felt Invisible? Or felt like you haven't been seen lately? Feeling like everything you've done has gone unseen or unnoticed . Trust us we've been there too and in this segment XO talks about the ways to make people feel seen from Listening Attentively, to Being Responsive, Showing Appreciation & Compassion & Ending with Apologizing if You Hurt Them. (I think this will help anyone dealing with loneliness, feeling empty inside, feeling neglecting, or just trying to help someone who's been feeling this way.)

We close out the show with the r e c a p & The Outro Quote involving failure & frustration.

Thank You for taking the time to read. Have A Great Day & Weekend. 



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