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Reasons Why You're UnHappy

Reasons Why You're UnHappy

S A U N A I E Presents Mental Health 106 

Q u o t e s: We can't become What We Want by Remaining Who We Are.

2nd: People with Goals Succeed because they know where they're Going.

S E G M E N T S: Value Your Time, Reasons Why You're Unhappy

#1: V A L U E Y O U R T I M E

STOP Hanging out with Aimless People. 

Start hanging out with people who your future self would associate with, Start connecting with those Ambitious People now.

S T O P Valuing Negative Opinions of Others

Start Valuing Your Gut Feeling more than others opinions because they aren't facts & has a Gut Feeling ever failed you. 

S T O P Going Out Everyday

Start Saving/Investing Your Money & Time, Outside isn't going anywhere You have business to handle & goals to tackle

S T O P Being Afraid of Failures

S t a r t Challenging your abilities & watch how much you realize/learn about yourself. You're capable of much more than you think. Sometimes how we were raised & our environments hold us back from achieving greatness but we can't let that define who we want to become.

S T O P Playing it Safe

S t a r t Taking Risks, Start betting on yourself. You have everthing you need within you to Win, but it all starts with Believing in who you are and who you want to become. 

Reasons You're Unhappy 

1. Bad Gut Health

2. Too Much Focus

3. You're not exercising for at least 30 mins. a day

4. You're consuming Too Much Trash Content

5. You're Comparing Yourself to People on Social Media

6. You aren't Looking forward to Anything

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O u t r o: When you Plant small Seeds of Gratitude, They Eventually turn into a Fruitful Garden of Blessings.

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