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Money Do's & Don'ts

Money Do's & Don'ts

S A U N A I E Presents B u d g e t i n g Do's & Don'ts

Q U O T E S: Faith is Believing that the Outcome will be what it should be, no matter what it is.

2nd: Pave your own path to Success, No one else can do it for you.

S e g m e n t s: Budgeting 

B U D G E T I N G Do's & Don'ts

1. DO Set Goals ( Short, Mid & Long Term ) / DON'T stick with goals that no longer work 

- Set Goals & be open to changing them as you go, having measurable goals makes managing money a lot easier.

- Start with your short term goals: what do you need & want to save for the next 3 months.

Mid-Term 6 months

Long Term 1 year

( think of fees like car insurance, car matienance, events, occasions, travel )

2. DO Know What You Owe & What You Need To Live / DON'T ignore debts you're scared to confront.

- Know What You Owe: Before you can save or spend anything, you've got to make sure your "Musts" are Covered.

3. DO know what you Spend: Track Your Expenses / DON'T Judge yourself for Spending

- Know What You Spend: Tracking Your Expenses can feel like an invitation to Shame-Town, it's important to be Open-Minded & Judgement-Free.

You're just gathering information so tou can make sure your Needs & Wants are Covered. 

4. DO Find a System That Works for You. ( Pen & Paper, Excel, An App like Everydollar or Digit ) / DON'T Give Up. It Takes a Few Months to get the Hang of it. 

- Find a System that Works for You: Maybe it's app, a Spreadsheet, budget book or a piece of paper, (that's how I started.)

 Or maybe it's a combo of all of them. Whatever works for you just make sure it doesn't stress you out, Find a system that works for you.

5. DO Welcome Emotions in this Process. Be Patient with yourself / DON'T Get Stuck Dwelling On Past Decisions.

- Welcome the Emotions: Money is Emotional. Our Money determines our Livelihood, Our Ability to Access basic Needs, Our Ability to Reach our Goals or lie on Our On Terms. 

- Give yourself Time to get Better at Budgeting. It's just a Spending Plan, it'll get Easier & You'll get Better Over Time.

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