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Mental Recharge & Childhood Trauma

Mental Recharge & Childhood Trauma

Q U O T E S: Be Kind to yourself, What you may see as a flaw is what others admire as your Strength.

2nd: Stop Reliving Your Past, Right Now is where you Should Focus.

S E G M E N T S: Reclaiming Your Mental Energy & Childhood Trauma

Segment #1: Reclaiming Your Mental Energy 

1. Connect With Your Breathing: Breathing Deeper & Slower stimulates your Vagus Nerve, which regulates your nervous system to keep calm under stress. It calms Beta Brain Waves & brings clarity to create space between Stress & Your Response. 

2. Set Intentions: A Morning Intention practice helps Prime your Subconscious Mind to take orders on what you Expect today.

90% of your habits come from here. Instead of Affirming Stress & Looking for it, You affirm ease so your Subconscious Mind expects it. Direct how you intend to spend your Energy. 

3. Observe, Don't Absorb: Take Responsibility for your Energy & Responses. Don't absorb other People's Projections of Fear, Anger, or Worry. Affirm "I Separate My Energy from this Situation or Person & Hold Space instead."

4. Pauses: Move away from the Energy of "Urgency Culture." Pause before reacting. Give Yourself time to Respond to People.

Make Decisions with Aligned Energy not Rushed or Fear Based Energy. Practicing the Pause Technique protects your Mental Energy. 

Segment #2: Parenting Mistakes That Can Cause Childhood Trauma

1. Ignoring their Children's Achievements, Refusing to give Praise. 

2. Endless Criticism & Judgement

3. Constantly comparing their Children with Friends, Cousins, Neighbors, & Each Other

4. Favortisim Among Siblings

5. Saying Things Like: I Feed You, House You & Pay for your bills, & this is how you repay me.

O u t r o: Your Strength Doesn't Come From Winning. It comes from Struggles & Hardship. Everything That You Go Through Prepares You For The Next Level. 

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