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Mental Health 105

Mental Health 105

S A U N A I E Presents Calming & Healing 

Q u o t e s: Learn To Listen Without Thinking about Your Response

2nd: Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like A Somebody

S E G M E N T S: Ways To Calm Yourself, Signs of Healing

S E G M E N T #1: Self-Calming Ways

1. Walk: Walking helps clear your mind. It offers you a different Perspective.

- Walking always helps me out when I'm having a tough it's something about Sunlight & Nature that really calms me down & let's me know things aren't as bad as it seems. 

2. Indulge: Take a day off to spend a whole day doing exactly what you want.

3. Be Generous: Give something to a total stranger. Acts of Giving make us feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Also give without expecting anything in return, just give from the kindness of your heart.

4. Sit in a Coffee Shop or a Busy Street: Soak up your surroundings, you don't have to talk to people, just sit and observe.

5. Educate Yourself: Research what you're experiencing, there's always an answer for anything that you're experiencing. 

Arm yourself with knowledge & the resources to tackle the problem or problems, also you researching this experience you can help someone else out. 

6. Preparation: Write the day's to-do list the night before. 

- This helps you have a stressfree day & keeps you on track for the day.

7. Strengths: Write down a list of 20 of your Strengths 

8. Keep Moving Forward: Keep taking Small Steps, No Matter What. Being Stagnant doesn't serve you.

- Everyday we should focus on getting 1% better & being better than who we were yesterday.

S E G M E N T #2: H E A L I N G

1. Taking Responsibility for your Actions & Words: Holding yourself accountable is key when you're in the healing stage, being aware of your actions & words are also key during this time because as you're healing you'll still be vulnerable in certain situations & environments, Your awareness is enhance during this time. 

2. Striving to Understand What You Want & Need: It's all about you now, I'll share my story with y'all 

3. Giving Yourself Permission to be who you are: We tend to hold back on being who we truly are because of society, we become hesitant to express ourselves, we wear or don't wear certain clothing because of judgement, But when you're healing you learn not to give a fuck & you begin accepting yourself for who you're becoming & overall Loving you for you.

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