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Let's Talk Mental Health

Let's Talk Mental Health

Season 5 Episode 7 as we enter March we're entering our 2nd year of our #MarchForMentalHealth 

XO starts off the show with some motivating quotes talking about the Grind and Surrounding yourself with Good Energy. 

1st Topic - (05:35) XO discusses Life-Changing Habits like "Trusting your intuition, Being Honest with Yourself & Others, Accepting Our Flaws, & Acknowledging our Worth."

2nd Topic - (14:44) XO discusses "Childhood Trauma & how it plays a role in Adulthood." 

- The biggest one that he found was "Having the tendency to bury our emotions." 

Another one was "Being Scared or Hesitant to Ask for help."

(If you've been dealing with anything mentally please reach out for the proper help or reach out to us and we'll connect you with the right people.)

3rd Topic - (25:05) XO ends off the show with his final topic " Self - Care " when we think of self care we think about massages, spas, haircuts, manicures & pedicures, but it's deeper than that when it comes to Self Care because it all starts with your Mental Health. 

Spending time with You, Setting Boundaries, Letting go of Toxic Relationships, & a lot more was covered in this topic.

We know this will help you and your community. Thank You for reading.

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