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How To Get What You Want in Life!

How To Get What You Want in Life!

S A U N A I E Presents Tips for your Life

Q U O T E S: Life is About Making An impact, Not Making an income.

2nd: When you start your day with Gratitude Everything Falls into place with Grace & Ease

S E G M E N T S: Tips for your Life & Lack of Motivation

1. Ask for what You Need

2. Stop Basing Your Worth on How Other's See You

3. Stop Pretending

4. Constantly ask Yourself "Does This Align With Me?" 

5. Invest in Relationships That Matter

6. De-Clutter

SEGMENT #2: Causes & Solutions For Your Lack of Motivation

1. Your "WHY" isn't Strong Enough

2. You're Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Goal

3. You Don't Have Faith in Yourself

4. You're Simply Exhausted 

5. Fear of Failure

H o u s e k e e p i n g

Next Episode: We'll be recapping September &  Plans for October

Outro: Confidence comes from Being Disciplined, & Being Disciplined puts you in Charge of your Mind.

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