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Have You Found Peace?

Have You Found Peace?

S A U N A I E 

Have You Found Peace? Are You Searching for Peace? What does Peace Mean To You? 

in this episode we discuss Ways To Gain Peace in Your Life, but 1st we kick off the show with 2 Quotes of the Day, the 1st quote is "It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't," & the 2nd Quote is "Work on You, For You."

S E G M E N T: G A I N I N G P E A C E

1. Stop Arguing With People

2. Wasting Time

3. Over-Committing

4. Accepting & Excusing Our Toxic Behavior 

5. Dysfunctional Family Members

6. Trying To Fix People

7. Disregarding Our Boundaries 

8. Limiting Beliefs

9. Pretending To Be Happy

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