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Financial Friday

Financial Friday

S A U N A I E presents Financial Literacy for kids in this episode we discuss how to educate your kids about Finances, Budgeting, & Saving. 

We kick off this episode with 2 insightful quotes of the day, the 1st Quote is about "Being better than yesterday." & the 2nd quote is about "Taking Risk or Losing the opportunity."

Segment: Financial Literacy for Kids

  • in this segment we discuss some tips on how to educate your kid when it comes to finances, we start with what games you should with your kid and how these games relate to real life. 1 of these games is our host's favorite board game and the other is what we go through daily & didn't even know it, we also discuss about creating a Wish List for your child and helping them get what they want. A lot more topics in this segment, We hope you enjoy this segment and the show. Thank you for reading and supporting.
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