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College Students Mental Health

College Students Mental Health

S A U N A I E Presents College Students Mental Health

Quotes: If You Think Small Your World Will Be Small. If you Think Big, Your World will Be Big.

2nd: Everything Gets Better With Time. Give Yourself Time.

S E G M E N T S: College Students Mental Health

Mental Health Among College-Aged Students 

- A 2020 National Survey found that Young Adults aged 18 to 25 had the Highest Rates of Mental illness Among all Adults, with More Than 30% Experiencing A Mental Health Condition in the past Year. 

- - I bet you're wondering Why is That? & a few reasons are Being On Their Own for the 1st time, Picking A Major, Student Loan Debt, Career Decisions, & the list goes on.

- 75% of all Lifetime Mental Health Conditions Begin By Age 24. 

- Eating Disorders affect Approximately 11% to 17% of Female Students & 4% of Male Students, with an additional 20-67% Experiencing Disordered Eating.

Here's some Tips to Prepare for this School or Work Season especially if you're out of state for school or work

1. Have A Care Plan 

2. Create A Weekly Schedule ( Major Key & Huge Time Saver )

3. Implement Self-Care

4. Practice Daily Mental Health Check-ins 

Outro: If this episode brought Value to You, Share this with someone who it'll bring Value to as well. 

- - Most impossible Goals can be Met Simply By Breaking Them Down into Bite Size Chunks, Writing Them Down, Believing Them & Going Full Speed Ahead as if They were Routine.

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