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Advice I wish I Knew Sooner

Advice I wish I Knew Sooner

S A U N A I E Presents Advice I wish I knew Sooner

Q U O T E S: When Your instant Reaction to Everything is No, it's Like You're Unleashing a Little Monster that Eats Up All of Life's Possibilities.

2nd: Do Something instead of Killing Time, Because Time is Killing You.

S E G M E N T S: Advice I wish I Knew Sooner & Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy

#1. A D V I C E 

1. Your Mental Health is more important than your Career, Money, Other People's Opinion, that event you said you'd Attend, Your Partner's Mood & Your Family's Wishes. If Taking Care of Yourself Means Letting Someone Down, Then Do it. 

2. Don't Attach yourself to a Specific person, place, company, organization or a project. Attach yourself to a Mission, Your Future, & a set of Values. 

This is the best way to Follow Your Heart & avoid getting Attached to something that isn't right for you. 

3. Love is a Form of Intimacy, & you can't have intimacy without Vulnerability. If your past makes you Avoid Vulnerability, You'll Never Have intimacy. Avoiding Vulnerability feels like Self-Defense, but in the Long Term, it's Self-Harm.

4. 99% of Harm is Caused in your Head By You & Your Thoughts.

- 1% of harm is caused by Reality, What Actually Happens, & The Outcome.

- Most of the Time, The Problem isn't the Problem. The Way You Think about the Problem is.

- You can Fix Most of Your Problems Just by Fixing Your Thoughts.

- If You Want to Feed a Problem, Keep Thinking About it. If yo want to Starve a Problem, Take Action. 

- Problems Feed off Worry. Action Kills Anxiety.

5. Nobody is as Successful as Instagram or Tik-Tok makes them look, & Nobody is as Pretty as filters make them seem. 

- The Only Healthy, Real & Worthwhile Comparison is Who You Were Yesterday vs Who You Are Today.

- Once you come to that understanding, you'll make Real Progress When You Focus on That.

6. Don't Trust Someone's Words if their Actions Don't Align. Their Words Will Tell You What They Want You To Think.

- Their Actions Will Tell You What They Actually Think.

S E G M E N T #2: Keeping Your Brain Healthy

1. Stimulation: Challenge Your Brain with Puzzles, Games & Reading New Books

2. Exercise: Consistent Physical Exercise will Heal The Brain & Keeps it Fit

3. Proper Diet: Eat Foods with Protein, Unprocessed, Unsaturated Fat, Fruits & Vegetables. 

4. Safety: Avoid Head Trauma by Wearing Helmets & Seat Belts

5. Sleep Habits: Our Brains Need Around 7-8 Hours of Sleep to Process & Recharge

6. Learning: Keep Your Brain Young by Learning New things like A Skill, or A Language

7. Switch Routines: Change Habits, it will Surprise Your Brain & Turns off Auto-Pilot

8. Be Social: Interacting will Trigger Brain Processes & Lower Depression

9. Manage Stress: Try Relaxation, as Stress Exhausts Your Brain & Hormones 

10. Read Books: Words & Stories Reduce the Risk of Cognitive Decline... 

Cognitive Decline:  a form of decline in abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life.

11. Avoid Substances: Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking is Bad for Your Brain Health

12. Digital Detox: Too Much Screen Time impacts Sleep & Will Overwhelm the Brain. 

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