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A Voice in The Business

A Voice in The Business

Season 5 Episode 9 in this episode XO interviews his friend AJ Ver about his journey from meeting his high school sweetheart in band to wedding photography to Financial Literacy to Mental Health & the ultimatum Time vs Money. 

******XO & AJ are recording outside to give that season 1 flavor back to the Sauna, throughout this episode you'll hear the elevator bell, people talking, animals making noise so be patient with us thank you.*******

The episode starts off with XO & AJ discussing AJ's favorite basketball team the Milwaukee Bucks and how he became a fan back in 2009. 

AJ drops a lot of knowledge and gems about Life, Business, & Marriage. This episode is broken down into segments discussing each topic. 

A lot of note taking in this episode so be prepared for that. I want to thank everyone for your support with the show.

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