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9 Tips To Help With Burnout

9 Tips To Help With Burnout

S E G M E N T S: 20 Signs of Burnout

- B U R N O U T - 

1. You Find Yourself Focusing on The Negative

2. You Push Away or Go into isolation 

3. Your Every Action feels Like a Sacrifice

4. You Feel Driven by Obligations Not Values

5. You Don't Feel Fulfilled

6. You Don't Feel Connected With Who You Are

7. You Often React versus Responding

8. You Feel Overwhelmed or Anxious

9. You Have A Hard Time Maintaing or Setting Boundaries

10. You Often Feel irritated or irritaionally Angry

11. You Feel Hopeless

12. You Feel Numb or Apathetic

13. You Lack Motivation or Purpose

14. You Self-identify as a Failure

15. You Often Feel Tired

16. You Find it Difficult Concentrate or Pay Attention

17. You Find Yourself Forgetting Things

18. You Feel impatient

19. You Feel that your Mood has Changed

20. You Notice an Alteration in Your Sleep Pattern. 

What Can Help Burnout?

1. Rest ( Sleep, Spend Less Time on Your Phone, Self-Care Day or Days )

2. Take Care of Your Physical Health ( Hydrate, Stretch, Get A Massage )

3. Re-Establish Clear & Realistic Expectations

4. Adjust Your Boundaries

5. Reconnect with your Purpose & Meaning in Life

6. Practice Acceptance of What is ( Things you can't Control )

7. Celebrate Your Efforts, Not Just The Outcome

8. Practice Gratitude

9. Seek Support ( Friends, Community, Therapist ) 

O u t r o: Sometimes Rushing it Will Ruin it. Be Patient.

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