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3 Year Anniversary for S A U N A I E

3 Year Anniversary for S A U N A I E

It's OUR 3 Year Anniversary & we discuss the journey within this episode. Thank you to everyone who's been apart of the Journey

S A U N A I E Presents Wasting Time & Gaining Time 

Q U O T E S: Patience is the Master Key to Every Situation. One must have sympathy for Everything, Surrender to Everything, But at the same time remain patient & forbearing.

2nd: The Only Things I Regret, & the only things I didn't do. In the End, That's What We Mourn. The Paths we didn't take & The People we didn't touch.

S E G M E N T S: Time Wasters & Value Your Time

Segment #1: Time Wasters

- Worrying what Others Will Say

- Self - Doubt

- Indecision 

- Repeating Mistakes 

- Fear of Failure 

- Procrastination

- Perfectionism 

- Lack of Priorities

- Comparing 

- Complaining

Segment #2: Value Your Time 

- STOP Hanging Out with Aimless People

- START Connecting with Ambitious People

- STOP Valuing Negative Opinions of Others 

- START Valuing Your Gut Feeling

- STOP Going Out Daily

- START Saving Money & Time

- STOP Being Afraid of Failures

- START Challenging Your Abilities 

- STOP Playing it Safe

- START Taking Risks 

O U T R O: Be Grateful for What You Have Today, You May Not Have it Tomorrow. 

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