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2022 Life Lessons with XO

2022 Life Lessons with XO

S A U N A I E Presents Life Lessons

Q U O T E S: Forget The Pain, Remember The Lesson

2nd: Stay on the Course When Others Are Trying to Drag You Down, Fight For Yourself.

Life Lessons from 2022

1.No One Has it All Figured Out

2. Good or Bad You Can Learn From Everybody

3. Embrace All of Your Emotions, Don't Ignore Them, Embrace Them

4. Traveling Alone is Better Than With Bad Company

5. Unlearning is Just as important as Learning.

6. Own Up To Your Mistakes. Do What You Say You'll Do

7. Maturity is Accepting you won't get Answers to the shit that Hurt you the Most, Heal Anyway

8. 1 of the most important decisions you'll ever make in life, is who you have Children with. Choose Wisely

9. Women Friends are Cool, Don't try to sleep with them.

10. You Don't have to Learn Everything the Hard Way.

11. 1 Day you'll need to be Forgiven So Learn To Forgive Others. 

12. Instead of Buying your Children what you didn't have, Teach Them What You Didn't Know. 

13. Never Let Your inner Child Die

14. No1 Reads Minds, Speak On How You Feel

15. Never Feel Bad About Promoting Yourself.

16. If you Value Your Time Say No To Anything That You Don't Absolutely Want To Do.

17. Spending Time is 1 of the Best Things You Can Do.

18. Celebrate Your Accomplishments 

19. If you Care Too Much About What other people think, You're Effectively Their Slave 

20. Be So Busy Improving Your Life that you don't have time to Criticize Others.

21. Listen To Understand, Not To Respond

22. You can't Pour from an Empty Cup, Take Care of Yourself 1st.

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o u t r o: Don't Allow The Limitations of Those Around You to Become Your Own.

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