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Season 5 Episode 8

Season 5 Episode 8

Season 5 Episode 8 in this episode XO discusses what's coming up on the latest episodes of SaunaiE Podcast. He'll be interviewing a few Entrepreneurs about their journey, their Mental Health, their Childhood, & the ongoing question Time vs Money. 

He also talks about his latest Netflix Recommendations starting with a Mind-thrilling Binge-worthy, Netlfix Series then goes into a few MUST WATCH Documentaries & Docu-series. He then ends his Netflix Recommendations with some his favorite movies like Training Day, & Dark Knight. 

Next Segment is some Did You Know facts about fruits & vegetables, & Sleep. Yes Sleep some vital information that we all must know when it comes to sleep. After that we recap the show, discuss what's ahead, & a Motivating Outro Quote

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