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Practical advice

I enjoy this show. The host has a great voice and provides great practical advice for work, life, and relationships.

Improving Your Mental Health

Great podcast and such an important topic to discuss! I have done several blog posts about Mental Health, Anxiety and Depression. I look forward to listening to your podcast in the future.

Mental health matters

Aside from having one of the coolest names for a show I’ve seen, I got a lot from this show. Mental health is important and this show emphasizes why you need to exercise it. Give it a shot.

Helpful & Insightful

Exploring mental health in an attempt to help you take control of your life for the better! Lots of good information for anyone trying to progress themselves. Highly recommended.

Great show

Mentally soothing definitely a gem dropper for mental health

Thanks for this great resource!

As a mental health professional who does a lot of coaching around money and our money mindset, I love learning that this show is out here!!!! As a mom of 5 sons, I love it even more!! Thank you and keep up the great work! Susie Pettit

Very interesting!

Such a great mental health and finance podcast! Just finished listening to the latest episode with the foodie. I thought it was funny yet very creative how the foodie built a following by leaving adult style food reviews. Subscribed!

Great production!

Very important content and great production. The host has a great radio voice as well.

How Soothing!! Give it a listen!

Ok the host’s voice is so soothing and peaceful! Love how they do Mental Health Mondays! So important 👏

Was hooked from the intro!

Do yourself a favor and take a listen. XO has a smooth, calming presence and gives great tips on personal development, mental health, and financial literacy. Can't wait to binge the rest of the episodes!

Great variety show!

This is an accessible variety show podcast. Great valuable topics discussed. Keep up the great work!


A great podcast that keeps it real and helps you find your way

So helpful

Good vibe to this show, but I covers relevant, helpful topics.

Cool show

Love the vibe of the show, not to mention the great topics!

Cool one!

Wanna find your purpose in life to live your life to the fullest? You’ve come to the right place


I love a podcast that talks about real issues unfiltered while at the same time encouraging you! Great show!!

Great Podcast!

Great podcast. Talks about real things people need to hear while also giving encouragement, aspirations, and knowledge that people should hear. Love the content!

5 Star Content !

Excellent topics that will leave you learning something new! This podcast covers all topics that the real ones can relate to 💯 I recommend everybody go check it out !

Everyday life!

Great podcast that motivates you to be a better version of yourself. Insight about everyday struggles and life that help you through your journey.

Very inspirational podcast!

The episode discussing mental health is an absolute must listen! I love how inspirational this podcast is. Keep up the great work 👍🏾


I loved the episode about finding out who your fake friends are. A great listen. I enjoy checking it out on my morning drive

Great content!

Great content that is challenging for your personal self and being physically and mentally healthy. Loved the format and topics on this show! Very informative!

On point!!!!

This podcast is sooo dope!!!!

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!!! Highly highly recommended highly!!!


This Podcast is super legit! XO is a smart man and very entertaining while spreading love! I highly recommend this to anyone


SaunaiE So with the last couple of episodes I really like how you’ve been touching on specific topics to help improve self-esteem and overall make you feel better mentally physically emotionally just have to improve that health aspect of yourself and the benefits of each thing instead of just all yeah you should do this to help me oh you should do this to help you and really giving people concrete examples. I have been trying out some of these myself and have noticed benefits myself. What I really love about this episode specifically Is that you introduce new words and give the definition which really helps the growing learning mentality mindset that you’ve been talking about so often in your shows and the quotes of the day about gratitude. I think it’s very true if you’re grateful for every little thing you have a lot more than you think.

Definitely worth it

I look forward to listening to this every time i see an episode.

Soothing voice

Love the positivity! Listening to the show really calms me and makes me self evaluate!


Really enjoy listening to this podcast, if you are looking for something with consistent and uplifting content this is definitely the podcast for you! He discusses an array of topics yet still makes it a point to ensure each message is extremely positive!