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Mentally Checked Out w/Maurice Allmond

Mentally Checked Out w/Maurice Allmond

S A U N A I E Presents The Maurice Allmond interview

Q u o t e s: Don't Chase What's Not Meant to Be Caught, That's How you End Up lost.

B i O: Our Guest is A Behavioral Technician by Day & a Vibe Curator by Night, I bet you're wondering What's a Vibe Curator? 

Well he'll answer that himself, He's been in his carrer for 6 years. 

& Vibe Curating since 2010

if you party or go to clubs in the iE & LA you've probably seen him doing what he loves. 

Our 1st episode did numbers & if you haven't heard it, it'll be in the show notes but this one will impact you Mentally & Entrepreneurally. 

He's been in his 2 fields for 5 years & has another 10 in him but without further ado our Guest Maurice "DJ Finese" Allmond

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q u o t e: No Matter What Happens To You it Ain't Over.

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