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Empowering Your Life & Removing Toxic People

Empowering Your Life & Removing Toxic People


In this episode of SaunaiE Podcast our host XO starts off the show talking about his week in San Diego, visiting the San Diego Zoo for the 1st time in 20 years & how the experience was different as an adult versus being a kid. He learned so much being at the Zoo, the different animals, & their environments/habitats. XO also visited some intriguing restaurants such as Crushed in San Diego which is a great brunch spot, they serve Ceviche, Jelly-Filled French Toast Sticks, incredible Mimosa Flights, & Chicken Chiliquilies. Everything from the service to the drinks was excellent, highly recommend this brunch spot for anyone visiting San Diego. 

He also visited King & Queen Cantina which is an urban Mexican food spot in San Diego with Tapas, Mouth-Watering Guacamole, & Refreshing Margaritas. They had everything set up perfectly for Outdoor/Indoor dining , socially distancing, & staff were masked up. 

Another breakfast spot that XO visited was Gaslamp Breakfast company which was founded 2019, the interior design of this restaurant was mind-blowing. They serve vegan friendly food as well. XO got the vegan omelette which was incredible but the highlight of breakfast was the Caramel Apple Mimosa, this Mimosa is a MUST-TRY. 

The last restaurant XO ate at was a Brazilian restaurant called "Fogo De Chao" in San Diego but they have several locations around California. This place was the cherry on top after a great trip away. The service was Phenomenal, The Food was Mouth-Watering servers came by serving different cooked meats, & great drinks were served. 


XO talks about his Quotes of the Day, 1 of being more Grateful about your life while striving in the life that you want. The 2nd Quote talks about Resentment and how resentment holds us back from progressing in life & relationships. 

1st Topic: Empowering Your Life

This topic hits home with the podcast because we're always talking about Mental Health and life empowerment is HUGE when it comes to Mental Health some examples that XO touched on were "Paying Yourself 1st, Investing, Having An Emergency Fund, Visualizing, Meditating, Creating A Life-Plan & A lot more dealing with Wealth, Mindset, Wisdom, & Leadership"

2nd Topic: Types of Toxic People 

This is another topic that hits home because we've all had Toxic people in our lives and didn't know how to classify them. So with this segment we covered a few that we've came across throughout our lives. Starting with the Conversational Narcissist, & ending with the JJ. You don't want to miss out on this segment, it's an eye opener to a lot of us.

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