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Building Self-Trust To a Private Life

Building Self-Trust To a Private Life

S A U N A i E Presents Build Self-Trust To A Private Life 

Q U O T E S: Only Allow Good Energy to Surrond You, even if that Means Making Your Circle Smaller.

2nd: Arrive on time to your appointments, Show People You're Serious By Your Punctuality. 

S E G M E N T S: Reasons to have a Private Life, & Signs You Might Not Trust Yourself 

#1: P r i v a t e L i f e 

1. Better Relationships

2. Not Everyone is Your Friend

3. You Don't Owe Anyone Any Explanations

4. Peaceful Mind

5. More Safety

S E G M E N T #2: Signs You Might Not Trust Yourself

1. You have Difficult Time Making Decisions.  

2. You don't validate your own experiences/reality. 

3. You Value External Opinions over Your Own.

4. You Frequently 2nd Guess Yourself

5. You Shy Away from Responsibility

6. You Silence Your intuition

7. You Would Rather Have Others Make Decisions For You.

8. You Have Difficult Time Committing 

9. You Break Promises that you made to Yourself

10. You Dwell on Your Mistakes.

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