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Body Language Secrets

Body Language Secrets

S A U N A I E presents Body Language Secrets You Need to Know

Q U O T E S: Make Peace with yourself, because that's the 1st thing you need to live a Happy Life. 

2nd: Don't Do Something Permanently Stupid just because You're Temporarily Upset.

S E G M E N T S: Body Language & Habits 

B o d y L a n g u a g e 

1. Make Eye Contact

2. Slow Your Movements & Take Larger Steps 

3. Stand Straight Up

4. Keep Your Chin Up

5. Avoid Your Pockets

6. Lean Forward

7. Watch Your Hands 

8. Give a firm handshake

S E G M E N T #2: Habits That Can Fix Majority of Your Probelms

1. Create a Morning Ritual

2. Social Media Detox 

3. Have Non-Negotiables

4. If Something Takes 5 mins or Less, Do it.

5. Get Enough Rest 

6. Plan your Day the Night Before

O u t r o: Thinking is Difficult, That's Why Most People Judge.

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