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Back From Vacation

Back From Vacation


Welcome Back Welcome Back Ladies & Gents. Our apologies on not putting out episodes last week, we had to take a well needed vacation and trust with this episode you'll be filled in on our Host XO's trip BUT FIRST...

We kick off the show with two Quotes of The Day, the 1st quote talks about "Not letting Doubt control your life," Life always has us questioning ourselves and our potential but with this quote it gives us the motivation to continue fighting against the doubt and fighting for our potential to be greater than who we are. 

2nd Quote: Being thankful and grateful for the little things in life, Life moves so fast that we sometimes forget to take the time to appreciate the little blessings like waking up in the morning. XO goes into detail about this quote and how it touched him.

Main Topic: ANTIGUA 

in this segment XO starts off with some history of Antigua like where it's located, and when it became an independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations. 

22,000 people live in the capital of St. Johns which is located in the Nothwest part of Antigua.

Hurricane Irma relocated all of the population of Barbuda to Antigua.

The island is reliant of tourism & the currency they use is the East Caribbean Dollar.

The major sport played on the island is Cricket & the most famous Cricket player Vivian RIchards.

XO discusses a lot more information about the island, what he loved, the food, the culture & what he did on his trip there. 

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