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7 Ways To Improve Your Concentration

7 Ways To Improve Your Concentration

S A U N A I E  Presents Improving Your Concentration

Q U O T E S: Stop Saying Tomorrow

2nd: What You Stay Focused on Will Grow

S E G M E N T: Improving Your Concentration

1. Train Your Brain 

- Spend 15 mins. a day doing any of these activities 

- Sodoku


-Crossword Puzzles

-Memory Games



- It has a HUGE impact on improving Concentration, Memory & Problem Solving Skills.

2.Get Good Sleep

- Make it a Point to get a Good Night Sleep Nightly, Sleep Deprivation disrupts Concentration, Memory, & Attention

A Few Tips: 

- Turn off the tv & put away Screens an hour before going to bed. 

- Keep your room at a Comfortable Temperature.

- Listen to Light Music or Take a Warm Bath, or Read a book before going to bed.

- Start making it a point to go to bed & get up around the same time daily.

3. Take A Break 

- Train Your Brain to Hyper Focus on a Single Task by using a Timer.

- First decide what task you want to complete. Set a Timer for 20-25 Mins.

- Take a shoer break for 5-10 mins.

This improves Concentration & Productivity.

4. Listen to Music 

- Listen to Electronic Music while Working. It increases Concentration.

- Avoid Choosing Music You Love or Hate because You'll end up getting Distracted

5. Exercise Regularly 

- A workout will improve the flow of blood to all parts of the body including the brain

- People who exercised daily appeared to have a Bigger Hippocampus - The part of the brain that plays a role in Memory & in Learning New Things.

6. Connect With Nature

- Nature helps in Emotional Regulation & Improves Memory Functions

- Nature Walks & Other Outdoor Activities Build Attention & Focus

- Spend at least 2 hours a week outdoors. It can be Walking, Going to the Beach, Biking, Running, Playing Games, or hiking. 

7. Meditate 

- Meditation offers Multiple Benefit. 

- Improved Concentration is 1 of these benefits.

- If you don't already, try Focused Meditation by Focusing on your Breathing & On How your Diaphragm Contracts & Expands after every Breath

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