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7 Signs You're Burntout Out

7 Signs You're Burntout Out

S A U N A I E Presents Signs of Burnout

Q U O T E S: Are You Ready to Sacrifice Who You Are, For What You'll become?

2nd: Do Not Give Up; the Beginning is always the Hardest

S E G M E N T S: Signs of Burnout & Mental Health Tips


Burnout is exhaustion resulting from a combination of Mental, Emotional, & Physical Stress. Knowing the signs of Burnout can help you recognize when to take a break & tune into your Mental Health.

1. Feeling increasingly Lethargic & Unmotivated to accomplish things that you care about. 

2. Finding it Difficult to Enjoy Life & Have Fun Like You Used To

3. Experiencing Physical Symptoms, like Getting Sick Easier, Having increased Gastrointestinal issues, or Frequent Headaches.

4. Having Trouble Sleeping & Rarely Feeling Rested When You Wake Up 

5. Feeling Overwhelmed by Small Tasks & Like You Don't Have Enough Energy

6. Feeling Increasingly irritable, impatient & like little things easily get on your nerves.

7. Often Feeling Resentful that you've taken on more than you can Cope With

If you've been slacking on your self-care be compassionate with yourself & take small steps to getting back on track. 

- Some steps would be "Meditating, Getting some Natural Sunlight, Drinking More Water, Phone Free Day, Social-Media Free Hours, Looking over your goals or To-DO list. 

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