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10 Tips for Relationships

10 Tips for Relationships

S A U N A I E Presents Relationship Tips

Q U O T E S: Mistakes are the Portals of Discovery

2nd: Digging Deep is the Only Way To Learn Who You Truly Are. 

S E G M E N T S: Relationship Tips 

1. Instead of Trying To Win, Try to Understand 

2. Instead of Jumping to Conclusions, Listen. 

3. Instead of Offering Unsolicited Advice, Offer Support

4. Instead of Making Assumptions, Ask Questions

5. Instead of Trying To Control Them, Trust Them

6. Instead of Projecting, Take Time to Self-Reflect

7. Instead of Trying to Change the Person, Accept Them

8. Instead of Betraying Yourself, Set Healthy Boundaries.

9. Instead of Blaming, Take Responsibility for your Actions

10. Instead of Settling, Ask For What You Need

O u t r o: Start Off Small & Build Each Day. Overwhelming Yourself Will Stunt Your Growth.

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